About Us

Motion is the media production division of Chatterson Drive. We engage audiences with bespoke content for broadcast or online use. We bring your product, story or brand’s journey to life, from pre-visualization to distribution. If you want it filmed, we’ve got your back. Copy that? Primarily we find we are most often deployed in three primary pursuits for our clients:

Commercial Production

The production and delivery of your branded content for broadcast through traditional televised platforms or via targeted online placement.

corporate video

Whether introducing your company, profiling your latest activities, or creating training modules, video effectively connects with your future audience.


Online & virtual home tours that give home buyers an unparalleled and on demand insight into available homes.

Amongst our suite of services are other diverse elements such as:

Fear · Suprise · A ruthless efficiency · Aerial Cinematography & Surveys · 3D, Animation & Motion Graphics · Digital Pre-Visualization · Script Writing & Creative Services · Local & Foreign Production Services · Location Scouting · Directional Services · Production Management & Supervision · Post Production Services



You tell us what you want. We nod sagely and say, “Yes, interesting”.


We ask you questions. You answer, or you get the hose again. We formulate an approach to give the finished product the widest and most effective exploitation.


Paper balling. Doodle designing. Walls headbutted. Lightbulb illuminated. Storyboards built.


Lights, camera, action. Lunch. Repeat until complete. "That’s a wrap!”


We ingest, post, edit, render, online, balance, mix, output and release your content into the wild.

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